Will the windows console window be gone in 2.6?

Over at this link


They are talking about which features should be removed for 2.6. One of the things they are talking about is if the console window should be removed for the windows builds. I would STRONGLY support this as it’s always been a pet peeve of mine to have that extra real estate taken up. Plus if I switch windows its very easy to click on the wrong one.

I guess I could understand why some people would want this - but I think the vast majority of blender users wouldn’t want it.

Has anyone heard any updates on if this will be gone or not?

Yep. It’s a waste. I suppose it’s great for debuging, as it’s an easy way to dump the text out, but it could be redirected to a log file, or even an In-Blender console window. Right now, it’s a pain in the ass.

well agreed that the console should not be open all the time
but should be more as an option to be used as required only

but in a way i like it to debug scripts wiht print statement and see erros also
mind you errors are shown in the other console
but not the print statements.

so is there another way to see debug results with print into another window right now
or not possible for the time being !
and how do you re direct to another window ?


The Console window type has a Report mode that can be used for debugging.

can this gies the values of variables in a loop ect…

i emanlike printing values in the console ?

you need a mean to see values and debug program or functions ect,


One of the questions at the end.

No it should stay. Blender can be unstable sometimes and that window lets you see whats going on.

How about a choice? =D

With default off

At the very least I vote for a choice. I think it is a good feature. Never clicked on it by accident.

In it’s current form - I definitely can’t agree. As an option - sure why not. And I think the default should be off…

I think the question is do other 3d packages do it? I’ve tried quite a few on windows and none have the console like the way blender does by default now…

Definitely A choice. And Off by default imho.

Should it go… or should it stay?

Personally I’m not too bothered, it doesn’t really get in the way since I minimize it all the time, and it does have it’s uses, one of my favourites is when Blender grinds to a halt and I don’t have the patience to wait for it to wake up, I simply click the X on the console window and it instantly closes.

The new Report window meets all of our needs for Python scripting. I still use the terminal to print to, out of habit, but I can change.

If Blender itself bombs, not just Python, all of Blender’s windows just close anyway, with or without the console window. Maybe this is a job for log files, which we’d use in the event of fully-fledged crashes…