Will there be "Import DXF" in Blender 2.8?



I’m very excited about Blender’s new version…
I tried it ,and I saw that DXF files can’t be imported
Does anyone know if this feature should be added to blender?
This is very necessary for us the architects.

(Bastian N) #2

It was always an Addon that you can activate on User Preferences. But i guess you already tried that. Maybe this needs to be ported to 2.80 to work?

Just tested it…seems like DXF Import/Export Option is missing. You are right.
Haven’t found an reason for that online

(mib2berlin) #3

Hi, all default addons should be ported to 2.8 until stable Blender 2.8.
The Python version changed to 3.7 from 3.5 of Blender 2.79.
If I don´t forget i will post her if it is ready.

(RickyBlender) #4

it is more then python 3.7!

the API has also change and you need to modify
some commands too
so not a straightforward process
but not that complicated

happy bl

(migius) #5

I will try to port DXF addons to 2.80 this week… :slight_smile:


thank you…

(Bastian N) #7

Hi! Thank you for your effort. Any progress on this issue?

(migius) #8

WIP, not finished yet

(AFWS) #9

Are you the developer for the import and export DXF addons? Can you add presets option to both?

(migius) #10

The author of the current version is Lukas Treyer CND
I am the author of former versions of DXF importer, look at www.cad4arch.com

(Bastian N) #11

Thank you for your effort! Can’t wait to use it.

(migius) #12

hi all, I am well progressing with transition to Blender 2.80.beta!
I have finished the port of the standard DXF-importer: you will find it now on cad4arch.com/dxf_importer,
(an upload to addons repository didn’t work for some reasons, WIP)
And I will be ready with the Personal Edition in a few days too!

(migius) #13

I have finally succeeded in uploading DXF-importer and DXF-exporter to Blender’s addons repository! :slight_smile:

(Bastian N) #14

Thank you so much!


Nice work! By the way, does it support importing DXF layers into individual collections?

I tried to, but I was only able to get all inside one single collection. In 2.79, DXF layers were imported into individual groups.

(migius) #16

hi temeddix, this is correct - there is no support for DXF-LAYERs now.
Blender moved from layers to collections in 2.80, and I have to find out, how to implement it correctly. WIP