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Adventures of Edward da Silva

Prologue: In the year 2042, a new enemy, Illuminati,formely a secret society said to have been originated from the Nazi Party, slowly rose to power and grew large to a new nation.By the year 2044, it took control most of Europe and threatened to launch nuclear missiles to anyone that stands in it way of world domination. The enemy is technoligical superiority.

On March 27, 2044, The CIA worked with SHIELD and planned to send someone to investigate and see what the enemy are up to. They assigned Edward da Silva, a former Navy SEAL turned mercenary who now works for SHIELD, to do the job.

Chapter 1: Enemy Territory

(9:32 AM, March 31, 2044, Snowy Weather)

[BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - RTCW Main Menu Music] Edward walks to the director’s office"You wanted to see me sir?" The director replied, "I have a mission for you, We have located an ancient castle called Wolfenstein that is said to be converted to an HQ for the Illuminati’s SS Paranormal Division. Your orders are to infiltrate the castle and investigate increase in activity from SS Paranormal Division. Gather any intelligence information you may find regarding said SS division and their activities in the area.
There is a rumor about 2 British agents being held captive in the castle. Check the castle dungeons for them.

Kessler, your contact, is a member of a German resistance group called the Kreisau Circle. He has managed to partially infiltrate the SS Paranormal Division’s temporary headquarters and has valuable information regarding their activities. Meet Kessler in the village near the archaeological dig site. He will have further information regarding your mission.

“Get some rest now. You will be going tomorrow at 4 am.”

The next day comes. Edward flew to Germany at 4:21 AM.

(6:13 AM, June 01, 2044, Snowy Weather)

Edward arrived at the target area. Aircraft Operator:“Standby for infil. Green in 5…4…3…2…1” Edward jumped from the plane. Aircraft Operator:“Returning to base. Good hunting.” [BG Music: Dead Space 3: Lunar Express] Edward landed not so far from the castle. He made his way up the mountain using grappling hooks. Edward used his plasma sword to curve a path through the thick castle walls.

[BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Castle Dungeons] Edward thought, “It’s pretty dark in here. This looks like a cell but it’s door is open and guard is lying dead on the floor. The prisoner might have escaped”. Edward saw corpses littering the dungeon hallway. The suit AI commented:“No heat signatures found” Edward hears some coughing noise so he busted open each cell. Nothing but dead bodies. [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Tension] Edward found a guard, a doctor and a dead British agent on a torture rack. Edward thought, “Now who killed these two?” Minutes later, [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Alarm!] Edward heard gunshots upstairs outside the torture chamber. He then rushed ahead to find out what going on. It was one of the agents! He broke free. An alarm has been sounded so, the castle is on full alert. After the room is cleared, [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Tension] Edward intervened and told the agent that he was there to rescue them. The angent teamed up with him and they prepared to storm the castle.

Now Edward and the agent stack up to storm the castle keep. They wasted no time as enemy reinforcements are on their way to the castle. [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Moving]They began storming the upper levels of the castle. When the upper level is clear, they began storming the large structure, [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Situation] room by room with Edward acting as a shield’ to gun fire. The structure leads them to the barracks. After the barracks are cleared, the team stocked up on ammunition and [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Stealth] continued to the castle keep entrance. The guards seems unaware of the gunfight that took place so they used stealth along the way. The agent approached the guards and sundued them while Edward carries two heavy machineguns he found at the barracks. When they made it to the tram station, the team cleared the area and boarded the tram and began setting up 2 12.7mm machineguns in the tram. They started the tram and armed with 2 12.7 mm machineguns, they openfired with each station they pass by until they reach the main station where the entrance to the village of Wulfburg is located.

When the station is cleared, they are joined by Kesler then a phone rang. The phone belongs to the officer in charge of the station. Kesler answers the phone while faking the officer’s voice and said that the situation is under control and the escaped agent is dead.

The team then headed into the village. Sneaking up on guards, the team went to Kesler’s safe house. Kesler briefed Edward about the SS Paranormal Division’s activity in the grave yard of the village. According to Kesler, the crypt at the grave yard leads to an ancient chuch where the SS Paranormal Division dig for mystical arctifacts for use in the occult.The team stayed there while Edward continues his mission.

Kesler’s safe house has a hidden back entrance into the wine cellar of a cafe. Edward took this route and switched to stealh tactics.

Edward made his way out of the cafe sneaking past guards and only killing them when necessary to avoid detection. Edward continued this tactics as he make his way into the grave yard.

Edward meets Eric, one of Kesler’s men along the way. He briefed him about supernatural activities taking place at the crypt catacombs.

After a brief conversation, Edward continued his mission. Edward finally made it to the grave yard and sneaks inside a chapel. Inside the chapel, he hears conversations between two enemy officers that there is indeed supernatural activities taking place in the crypt catacombs and that they sealed the crypt entrance to keep those “things” from the village.

Edward sneaks past the officers with ease and made his way out of the chapel into the grave yard. [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Graveyard] He knocked out 2 guards guarding the crypt entrance.Edward examined the writtings on the crypt’s seal and then punched the it apart, opening the entrance.[BG Music RTCW: Crypt Catacombs] He then entered the crypt. Edward went through the first museleum and heard conversation by 3 enemy soldiers enchoing in the distance. Then a horrible scream is heard from a far. The 3 soldiers retreated to the entrance only to find the ladder was broken. Edward then watched in horror as the 3 soldiers are slaughtered by the undead.

Edward then dropped down at the opening, pulled out his plasma saw and started slashing the undead. [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Dark Chant] After he finished all of them, he continued on his mission. Along the way, Edward fought through both the undead and the enemy soldiers. “This looks like one out of an horror movie”, he commented. “I hate horror movies”, the suit AI replied. Edward encountered a huge hallway and when he is at the middle, [BG Music RTCW: Bill Brown - Heavy Hits] the floor collapsed and he fell into a ground infested with undead. Edward punched, kicked and threw them against the walls. Then Edward saw a book with strange writtings in it and thought, “What are these writtings?”. He took is for analysis. Edward keeps hearing strange noises and horrible screams around him but he ignores them.

After navigating through the catacombs, Edward made it to the entrance of the ancient church. Edward left crypt and saw elite guards. Edward knocked them unconscious and went to the church’s lobby where he sees a woman officer and a doctor searching for ancient artifacts. They found the “dagger of warding” and when the woman officer want to get it the doctor warns her that something will be unleashed if she takes the dagger. But the woman officer insisted and shot the doctor. She then gets hers hands on the dagger and a giant abomination rose from the ground. Edward destroyes it using rockets.

After a brief fight, Edward scout ahead and saw an enemy camp in the distance that has an aircraft. Edward stormed the camp and used the aircraft to return home. Edward notifies Kesler that the place is not safe and they should move somewhere else.

Chapter 2: Homecoming

(12:40 AM June 03, 2044, Night, Good Weather Condition)

Edward escaped from the enemy territory using an enemy aircraft. He decided to visit his family before heading back to base.

Edward heads somewhere near England and lands at a military airbase. The airbase security agreed to park his aircraft. He left his exosuit with it. Edward slept there.

At 3 PM, Edward went to a bar. The waitress knew him. “Edward! How come you’re here?”. “I’ve been very busy lately at work. But I decided to visit and stay with my family for a day or two”, Edward replied. The two chatted for awhile. Edward asked for a ride home. Luckily her husband, a trucker, is on his way home. The waitress called her husband on a phone. Minutes later, the trucker arrived. “Edward my husband is here.” “Thanks” Edward replied.

Edward went outside and saw the truck. The driver asked him “Hey, you the one who needs a lift?”. Edward replied:“As a matter of fact I do.” “Hop in”, the trucker replied. Edward boarded the truck. “Travis Grady” the trucker introduced himself. “I’m Edward da Silva, I’m friends with your wife” Edward replied. The two chatted for a bit. Edward decided to take a nap and wakes up at dusk. “Are we there yet?” “Half a mile away” Travis replied. “Heavy traffic.” Edward commented. Travis turned on the radio and the song “You’ve Got Your Orders Soldier” plays. “Got a girl?” Travis asked Edward. “Yes, Alice Green” Edward replied. Travis then tells him that Alice joined the Airforce together with her brother.Travis then told him that he heard on the news recently that she and her brother are both missing in action together with 2 spec. ops. operatives. Edward is saddened by what he heard. Travis tells him to not loose hope as a search and rescue team is displaced to look for them. Edward lays back and listened to the music playing. By the time he hear the lines “A shadow cast before me. I’ll step inside your circle. Protect me. Correct me. You’ve got your orders soldier”, Be can’t help but think of the promise he made with Alice that he will always protect her. Then he heard the line “I never saw it comming”. He then made up his mind that it was beyond his control that he never knew that Alice would join the Airforce.

The two arrived at Edward’s home town. “Thanks for the ride” Edward said. “Anytime”, Travis replied. Edward heads home. His family greated him with a warm hug and a huge supper. Edward stayed with his family for 2 days and then continued on his mission.

Edward headed back to the military airbase, commandeered his aircraft and flew to the base.

Chapter 3: Next Stop, Nowhere

(2:23 AM, June 06, 2044, Rainy Night, Moderate Visibility)

Edward is heading back to base [BG Music SHO: Akira Yamaoka - Not Tomorrow 3] 3 hours later, Edward hears a sci-fi jet engine like sound then saw a bluish glow seconds later in the distance. Edward noticed it thought “What was that?” The plane’s hud began mulfunctioning. “Why is the plane malfunctioning? What’s going on?” , he said. The onboard AI replied “Sir, there is an excessive amount of EMP”. The plane lost power and went down into what looks like a desolated area.

Edward survived the crash because his suit absorbed the impact. He questions his surroundings, “Where am I? What is this place?” The onboard AI replied, "Sir, I can’t connect to the satellite. Therefore. I can’t identify this location. Edward saw a road ahead. He noticed that it is cutoff so he proceed north instead. He tried contacting HQ. “HQ do you read? HQ come in… No one is answering what is going on?” (Temporary BG Music SHO: Akira Yamaoka - O.R.T.)The rain stopped and the sky became clearer and the area gets illuminated by the lonely moon. “This place is a mess”, he said. While walking along the road, Edward found an abandoned house and thought, “I think I can rest there for awhile. I’m beat up.” Edward took shelter on the house and began contacting HQ again. Without any luck, he decides to sleep.

(BG Music SH2: Akira Yamaoka - White Noize) He wakes up at 9 am. It was a sunny day. The onboard AI greets him “Good Morning”. Edward saw a sign post that says “Centralia” knowing that there is a town ahead. (BG Music: SH2: Akira Yamaoka - Lost Carol) He climbs on top of a nearby hill for a better view only to find that the town is abandoned. He also saw that some parts of the place have collapsed. Edward thinks he should be very careful as the ground is unstable.

(BG Music: SH2: Akira Yamaoka - Alone in the Town) Edward proceeds to the town. The town is littering with abandoned cars and decaying structures. It looks like it’s been abandoned for a long time. Looks like in the '90s. As Edward explores the town, he encountered deep sink holes and collapsed roads and the only way to progress is to find a way through some of the buildings or find another road.

Edward found some strange creatures lying dead on the road.“What are these?” He continued ahead and saw a smoke just a few meters from his location. “A smoke? There must be another plane crash. I hope there are survivors.” (BG Music stops) Edward proceeds to the crash site. He found no dead bodies so, that means the crew survived and they might be around somewhere in the town. Edward continued ahead (BG Music continues)

This is the best original storyline I have come across in a decade. Two thumbs up this one. Can’t wait for it to hit the screens.