Will This work for Face Tracking?

Hello peoples!
I have been learning how to build a game for the Oculus Rift and I’ve been using Blender for making assets and other technical stuff, Paint.net for textures and other stuff, and UDK for level building and gameplay, Audacity for Audio recording. I will be purchasing an Oculus Rift, condenser mic, sound treating later. And maybe a BitTorrent Sync Raspberry Pi server if other people want to help me make it (sync files between artists).

I will be later working on voice acting, motion capping, and face tracking a few scenes each with various characters. As you may guess I’m on a tight budget. SO, I’ve come here to ask you guys if this software will work in any way with blender. I know its a Linux-based app but I can just import data to windows & Blender if need be, don’t have a problem with that. I want to use this software to do face tracking with a head-mounted iphone and maybe a Kinect for general body tracking (I know Kinect isn’t the best but its cheap).

And in general do any of you see any workflow problems with this WHOLE setup?