Will this workflow work? Help needed!

Alright, I’m modeling a highpoly bust of a creature for a competition. Since it’s my first model ever (never been into 3D modeling before, used Blender for approximately 16 hours in total now), I really need help so that I manage to complete my model before the deadline.

  1. First, I created the bust using mirror and subsurf modifiers. Didn’t apply them (of course).

  2. Created an UV-map from this not-so-detailed mesh for one side of the bust only (I’ll create the first texture symmetrical).

  3. Now comes the tricky part: I want to export my model into SharpConstruct, apply lots of detail to it, create a normal / displacement out of it and then apply it as a normal map on the low poly mesh. I’m thinking of using this for creating the normal map: http://www.santyesprogramadorynografista.net/projects.aspx

So, how do I export my model into SharpConstruct in fashion that still keeps my objects separated (I have eyes, up and lower gums and teeth and the actual bust) so that when I import it to the normal mapping program, it still stays true to the project I have in Blender? At the moment I’m thinking that I’ll remove the mirror modifier and apply the subsurf ones so that I have enough vertices to work with in SC. I still have no idea how I keep my objects separate and apply the normal maps when I’ve reached the results I wanted in SC.

And yes, I have Blender’s sculpt version on my harddrive too but since it’s more unstable than SharpConstruct, lacks the use of alpha maps for brushes etc., I’m sticking to SC.

Please help me on this one! Otherwise I can’t progress at all this weekend. :frowning:

PS. If you have links to tutorials / threads that discuss creation of eye, skin and organic materials, please link me to them too.