Will you be able to switch back to the old UI?

EDIT I was initially unsure with 2.8 at first due to it being buggy. But i love it now, so no need to respond to this question.”

(This is my first post here.)

Since blender’s UI has been completely overhauled in 2.8, will there be a way to switch back to the UI that was in older versions of blender? The new UI looks nice, and i’m aware that you can access the old shortcuts … but i’m just more comfortable with how the old UI works a lot more, despite it’s flaws. So is there a way to change back, or am i just gonna have to get used to the new one?

I’m afraid nope.
Either way, just give it a week and you’ll never want to see the old UI again. :wink:


That’s a shame.

No matter though. I’m sure i’ll used to the new UI in no time. Thanks for answering!

Flipping those now top-defaulted headers to bottom made 2.8 feel a lot more comfortable for me, when I realized why everything felt weirdly strange and cluttered.
Getting used to collections instead of Layers will take a while, but is probably a more powerful and flexible solution in the long run.

Feels a lote more like a brick wall for beginners than 2.5, though.

Just my 2 cents on the collections: Think of them like Photoshop’s layer groups, the main difference being that since it’s a 3d environment, it doesn’t really matter what order they’re in.


Initially, there were a number of people who pined for the 2.49 UI when 2.5x was under development.

Nowadays, we have a number of people who can’t stand looking at that old thing anymore. Now the UI in 2.8 isn’t quite as massively changed as during that period, but combined with the workflow improvements should hopefully make Blender feel like a much better app.


u can do it with an application template but it has to be meticulous coded to incorporate all new features and changes.

Come on the new ui is far more better
Definitely in the right direction

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Where in new UI ITEM category in sidebar (where transform, grease pencil etc) for rename selected in 3D View object or bone?

Thanks for ruining my workflow, blender.

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Newsflash: 2.79 is never going anywhere, you can use it forever. Want new tools? Learn new skills.


Obviously. Still crap that they don’t even give us the option though.

“Gentlebeings, puh-leauze!”

Time marches on! (Show-of-hands for those of us who [remember, and somehow …] pine for the really old ways of Blender? … Anyone? … Hall-ooo … … Didn’t think so.) :slight_smile:

Somehow, all of us had “gotten used to it,” if only because there wasn’t anything else … until there was. Blender 2.79 is “most-awkwardly, still on my system,” to support legacy projects that still require the BI renderer, but I am n-o-t happy about it.

You always have the option. In this case, though, you’ll either have to code it yourself or pay someone else to do it. It’s actually more than you get with closed-source software when they change anything drastically.

Bad idea, Blender 2.8 will bring a large collection of new features and improvement which in turn will require a lot of updates on the UI. Bringing back the old UI is closing the door to the future.

Better to stick with 2.79, if you drool over the new feature of 2.8 like Eevee I am afraid you cannot have your cake and eat it too. A UI update was inevitable.


We have a short memory here… everyone was complaining about Blender’s interface being difficult to use and needing to be changed. Now that it’s been changed, we have folks complaining about it and wanting the old interface to remain. I don’t get it – either you want Blender to get better or not, in which case you can use 2.79 forever and forget out new features.

Be careful with this. Our community is not a monoculture. Some people people dislike the current interface. Some people dislike the new interface. They’re not the same person (unless they just don’t like Blener at all).

The loudest group in any community is likely to be the dissenters. People who are happy don’t tend to complain. What you’re seeing is people who were unhappy starting to get quiet and people who were happy starting to get loud.

Believe it or not, when Apple caught the entire computing world (such as it was, at that time) entirely flat-footed with its introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, there were people who officially pooh-poohed it in the press … even as now-desperate Microsoft engineers threw a panic team together to create win.exe … the first incarnation of what would eventually evolve into a brand-new operating system.

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I’ve been playing with 2.8 builds for a while. I’d been bouncing back and forth between 2.79 and 2.8. The last project I did completely in 2.8, left click select and all. I opened up 2.79 the other day to test something out. I really struggled with it.

The human brain is very good at adapting to change. Don’t underestimate that. To adapt you actually have to expose yourself to the new stuff though and actually use it. The majority of users will probably adapt their workflow to the new UI. The majority of plugin developers will adapt their plugins for 2.8. The minority will demand the UI adapts to their workflow.

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You are quite right – I apologize for making generalizations. I should have said “some” were complaining.

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