Will you buy or donate a professional BGE game?

I think it is possible to make professional and commercial quality games with BGE. But this is not the topic where we discuss this.
So please vote if you believe in this.

Important: multiple votes possible!

Important: multiple votes possible!

I don’t think it has much to do with the engine, as the game itself. I “think” most people would agree…A good game worth paying for is a good game worth paying for regardless.

Where is the rpg/rts option? That is the only kind of games I really play. But I guess a platforming game like Yo Frankie would be worth donating for.

Not ‘News’ and it isn’t open for ‘Discussion’, eh?

Is the Important: multiple votes possible! part to encourage or discourage people from voting multiple times?

if its yours not.

I think people should shut up with the anti-endi thing

I’d buy a good game, specially considering BGE runs on Linux. Big niche in need of a fix here…

If it is a good game I would buy it.

I am not discriminating game engines, I wouldn’t NOT buy a game just because it is made (for example) in Blender as I wouldn’t buy a game just because it was made with (for example) Unreal Engine. It is all about the game.

In that same sense I would not donate to get a game done just because it is gonna be made in Blender.

Okay, I can understand all who writes “I dont buy a game just because BGE” - but why the people buys Blender open movie DVDs? I think a commercial quailty game is a big promotion of Blender as the open movies!
And dont forget: only the Blender Foundation can make professional but free and open source things!

Then you should mention that the game will be sold by the Blender Foundation and some money goes to the BF. Right now it sounds like “I make a game, I get all money, BF nothing”.

Endi, could you create some kind of template for a game? That would be interesting with instructions on how to alter it and how everything works. I would be very interested in a rpg template. You know like final fantasy, legends of the dragoon etc. Or a rts template, like red alert.:smiley:

making good promotion for blender > more blender users > more people will buy BF dvds

and now dont say: you want only money… I already make many many things for Blender for free

Rarely anybody would care with which engine a game is made (except for game developers) when the game itself or the graphics look promising. Most professional studios would rather use a commercial engine with available support. There are only a few commercial games made with open source game engines. So I doubt it would attract many game developers.

I never said you just want money and to be honest it is your good right you want money for your offerings so I encourage you to want money ;)! I just wanted to point out that there was no reason in your poll why someone should donate for a game (unless it’s for the BF). I in personal would not donate for a game that doesn’t support an organisation. If I would donate for a game that’s not supporting a organisation, then I would have to think something like “Damn those indie developers really need some support! Their game looks to be one of the most innovative of the year but they just can’t find a puplisher to pay for some of the development costs. I’ll help them with a donation!”.

The rest was already said: I pay for a game no matter what engine is used as long as the game itself looks good. By the way, speaking about donation: A good way to sell a lot of games is to donate a little bit of each bought game to a social project. Some promotions in the last few months showed that a lot of gamers are willingly to buy a game if some of the sellings support a social project (and the game is a cheap title for about 5-15$).

Btw: Could you specify “puzzle game”?

Nah, I wouldn’t donate for that.

Now if there were some work being done to the game engine (or blender) itself as part of making the game I might think about it but someone just using the game engine doesn’t really count as ‘common good’ in my opinion.

I’d rather just buy a game and not feed homeless cats (or whatever).

You buy the game (for a little extra) and they get the tax deduction for the charitable donation – doesn’t seem like such a good promo to me.

I must say that I was kinda impressed that Torchlight and Zombie Driver was using OGRE. I didn’t know that after I bought these two games on Steam as I would never buy a game because it uses engine X or Y

Everybody, thank you for the votes.

Yes but blender’s game engine needs work. I think a good engine makes a difference in the users experience.

We are getting there. Only slowly, but one day…

For me, it would depend on the setup of the project’s development arm. So OK, this would not be a real, full, Blender Institute project like Frankie was. However, I think some link back to the official Blender organisation would be required. Just having Ton officially letting the development team access the Game Engine for bug fixes and small/large improvements etc would do it for me. (provided we’d get some assurance that the developer on the team is knowledgeable (hence Ton’s approval))
Of course, if this is a pure ‘take stock BGE and make games assets and a game for this’, then the ‘added’ value for me would be low. It’d just be a game…
So, anything that directly benefits Blender/BlenderGameEngine can open my checkbook. The rest will have to convince me (like Kernon’s Tut DVD, ‘Bounce,Tumble & Splash’, etc)