William on Timeline scrubbing, his latest proposal

As 2.8 development moves toward tackling the remaining todo items, William takes a look as resolving one of the remaining unfinished areas of the left-click workflow, by reworking the timeline UI itself.

The goal in part, is to resolve the conflict that is preventing the implementation of left-clicking to scrub the timeline, which requires more than just a couple of keymap changes.

In a way, this gives hope that the left-click workflow can become truly complete when 2.8 is released in July.


I like it. It looks a bit cleaner that way imo.

I agree, I think that looks cleaner, and I’m looking forward to seeing this make it into master soon!

I like the change, as long as I can still bind a hotkey to scrub from anywhere within the timeline. I like seeing those things resolved one after the other, very satisfying heheh.
I have some other pet peeves with the animation editors, but won’t pollute the tracker thread with them.


The idea is that there will be such a hotkey by default, so you can hold it to scrub anywhere inside the animation editors.

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Fantastic ! It would also be nice ultimately to support that from within the 3dview (see Anim Scrubber).