-Willing to help out on lowpoly game art projects for Free-

Hi all,

I am voluteering to help out anyone with there game/lowpoly work. I want to build up my portfolio, so in return for me helping you out I need to be able to use the project in my portfolio. Please contact me here-

[email protected]

-or PM me.

What qualifies-

You have an idea that needs to be turned into a lowpoly 3D object

You have a model but it needs polished/textured

Has to be lowpoly

Has to be a game model

I need to be able to show it in my portfolio

Moved from “Jobs > Volunteer Work” to “Misc: > Off-topic Chat”

The Jobs forums are for offers of work, not for soliciting yourself.

Why is it called volunteer work then? :stuck_out_tongue:

That section is heavily moderated,

if you are offering work, (like eventually paying off) or a team project they don’t care,

they should have a “Volunteer work requested” where you can post what types of things you would work on.
and a “Resume” section.