-Willing to help out on lowpoly game art projects for Free-

Hi all,

I am voluteering to help out anyone with there game/lowpoly work. I want to build up my portfolio, so in return for me helping you out I need to be able to use the project in my portfolio. Please contact me here-

[email protected]

-or PM me.

What qualifies-

You have an idea that needs to be turned into a lowpoly 3D object

You have a model but it needs polished/textured

Has to be lowpoly

Has to be a game model

I need to be able to show it in my portfolio

We have lots of game art that needs textured, or flat out re-done

Project Wrectifed - team projects

You can send me some blends and I can help out with them.

Study the way these are put together and then remodel them to be cute and or terrifying?

All enemies in project wrectified will be modular sections that work without knowing anything about the other sections.

The head is a separate object torso etc, and they will be reassembled in game,

I give you full artistic licence except they need to fit within the 2x2x2 bounds, and the “joints” need to be drawn.

(so when detached it looks like they can snap together)

they don’t have wheels or tank tracks at the moment, (or hovebases) but that is on my to-do list,

the robots are grouped, so you should be able to pull them into a new blend if you need to,

Note the way the arms are individual sections parented to armature bones (not deformed)


LookOutNowItsOnWheels (Nav).blend (1.18 MB)

Could i describe something for you and you could model it?Could you model a low poly zombie?I would like it modeled in a specfic way.

I sent you a PM, let me know what you think.

@Bluepintrandom I will see what I can do. :wink:

@3dsolarsystembulider Sure, you can do that.

@CaptainAndrew I replied en suite. :slight_smile:

Could you texture and model a dosal zombie?This dosal zombie eats bloody guts of animals only.And only when it starves a certain amount of time will it become a carnivarious zombie.It carries within it a dormant form of the zombie virus.I call the character pioyu.She has green eyes and dark blue skin.Purple lips and purple finger nails.She has a hole for a nose and a whole in one of her cheek muscle.she has red shinny hair.Plus purple toe nails.An old zombie dress like from dead walking show.Pioyu understands human speech.

Forgive me for asking, but what does that mean? You are typing from the toilet? The only way I have heard to use “en suite” is to describe an adjoining room with a lavatory.

:slight_smile: Whoops I meant replied in suite or as well. Sorry. :wink:

Thanks, I thought you meant something like that, I just have not received anything in my inbox yet so I was confused.