Willys Jeep

I’ve been inspired by MeshWeavers NES console and his efforts and decided it’s time I try something. I’ve never modeled a car, been holding myself back… fearful of failure. I’m also sure I could have picked an easier vehicle, but… Success or fail, I decided it’s time to at least try. Having a WIP will hopefully help to keep me feel pressured to finish (or at least help keep me from loosing ambition). Here’s where I am at so far.

looks good so far. you should turn on ‘dither’ in render buttons though, because there appears to be some banding of the background.

Looking prety nice so far. Keep it up dude!

Thanks :smiley:

Cool, I did not know that, thanks for the tip! (I set it to 1.000).

Rims and tires (treads may need a little rework).

looking pretty awesome, Quandtum! :smiley: I’ve never modelled a car either…turns out that it’s my next project once I finish the NES, hahaha

well, actually…the only car I’ve ever made was the Porsche from Jonathan Williamson’s tutorials, but while working on part 7 I…accidentally deleted the mesh without realizing I had :o and I made the “mistake” of saving often facepalm

woah… :eek:

Nice modeling, i want to see that project finishd :wink:

@ MeshWeaver: Thanks! lol, yeah, see what you started! I’m curious, you have a car picked out yet?
@ totex445: Thank you! Definitely going to do my best to get it right and done.

Here’s the leaf springs attached to the frame (frame is still not complete). Hopefully tommorow can work down more of the frame and get the transfer case, drive shaft and maybe exhaust working.

those springs are looking pretty good :yes: actually saw some on a truck recently, they were pretty squished down… I guess the truck’s load was heavy.

as for my car project, I’m thinking of doing a '96 Honda Prelude…not sure though. I’m not really Mr. Car, it’s only recently that I’ve had a growing interest in certain aspects of them, mostly the technology and design of them…I think it’s because of Popular Mechanics, haha

Damn Q! Looking good can’t wait to see it finished. The rims are mint.

Not exactly a space ship but… :stuck_out_tongue:

straight for ww2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Levi! lol. Well truth be told, I’ve been a bit frustrated with the shuttle. I sit down, look at it, try to think up some detail, have my ideas, but feel like I get stuck filling in the details. I don’t think I’ve ever challenged myself to push the details to the next level to have a “toolbox” of tricks. Long story short, the jeep is already educating me. I can see the ideas I had for the shuttle starting to fill in with detail, downside is that whole mesh will probably get scrapped to do it… I have been poking with it too, I have renders (I did about 2 weeks ago) I never posted ('cause I was still unsatisfied with them). Still need a full redesign I think to get those doors on the side.

Anyways, an update. Frame is done, bumper connected to it, wheel hub inside is done (skipped the U joints), transfer case is done (crappy but I don’t think it will be horribly visible), axles connected and the inside of the rim has been “refurbished”. A little lack-luster on the details down there but for the most part it will be shadowed or obscured anyways.

thats a very precise work u are doing there kep gouin

Thanks! Some of the references have been hard to find and some have conflicts (I think from 1949 to 1951 some things changed, I’m not certain). I actually know a guy from the “era” (he’s a life long dealer) and has one (not sure the year), might need to make a trip with a camera.

… I wince thinking about the texture of this…

… still can’t believe I’m actually drawing a car!

Today’s work. Lots of refinement and details to go yet, but volumes are at least in place.

Today’s work. Completed some parts (gas can/straps/etc, hood clips/hinges, etc.) and reconstructed mid section of the body (note the body has proper flow from rear to front, in the previous ones you can see the break around the firewall). Window can lay down and the hood can come up (though the engine cavity is not hollow, and not really planning to do that, I’m toying with some other ideas). I think dash, boots around the sifter, seats and tail lights are about all that’s left (probably dump finishing the folded canvas roof, not sure yet). Thanks for looking :).

The shovel spade is very flat. And the seats need some imprinted ridges. Are you going to fully texture in blender or is this going to be for octane? BTW it looks great.

Wow Quandtum, you model fast! :eek:

There’s only one thing that looks a bit strange to me, though considering I have practically no knowledge of these Jeeps I might be mistaken - the steering wheel’s internal spokes look very thin and fragile compared to the rest of the wheel.

The windshield also looked kinda strange to me, but after looking up a few pictures I saw that it really is that square :wink:

Probably redo the shovel, I’m unhappy with it too for other reasons (the indented crease in the back, though there seems to be two types of shovels that where on the jeeps then).

My intentions for rendering is to (though may be prone to change due if things get too difficult) render in both. I was planning to do the BI first and work it hard to get it as close to right as I can. Once that was done then go and do the same in Octane. I’m kind of curious how close I can get the two, but at the same time it’s not a hill to die on.

Hehe, I had last week off so lots of extra time to work on it, back to work now so probably be slowing down. I’ve had lots of conflicting references, but I will double and then triple check the steering wheel.

Thanks for the feedback, helps me to get things accurate!

A bit more. Few things missing yet but, I either need to take a small break or start texturing a few parts. I have a turntable uploading on youtube but is slow so probably post the link in the morning.