Wilmaciii's Art Thread

I’ve not had alot of time to post in the various parts of the forum when I’m on a project, so I thought I’d open this thread. most of my work is with a combination of photoshop and blender. feel free to comment.:):slight_smile:

This was for some freinds of mine.

I made this in blender but converted it in photoshop to 4 color for the newpaper page I design weekly

I made this for a dvd background, it’s all blender and it’s animated, thought I’d just post the still.

I made this as an example for a freind who does graphic novel art, it’s blender and photoshop.

This is a shield I made for the Church where I have my ministry.

This is just some clipart for the quarterly publication I put out, it’s all blender.

This is a facebook ad I made for the broadcast I produce, it’s photoshop and blender.

some scripture art I made in blender and photoshop.

the same but in gold.

This is all blender, it was my first cycles render.

I made this in blender, I use it for my Church’s facebook page cover art.

This is blender and photoshop, I won 2nd place in a contest on fineart america with it.

This is a dvd background I made and have also used as scripture art. this is a cycles render.

This is a cover for the magazine I design and paginate for the church I go to. it is a combination of blender artwork and photoshop.

this is a dvd menu background for a wedding I shot video for. it was animated this is just a still.

I made this in blender.

some scripture art.

my old mafia wars pic lol! all blender. 2.47 I think…

I made some scripture art with this it’s blender.