Win 7 64-bit - home premium or professional?

I’m going to buy new computer. My question is: will 7 home premium (box) be enough to work with Blender, Lux, etc. and Adobe CS4, or should I get 7 pro (oem). Both 64-bit. The hardware will be i5 2500K, 8GB RAM, gtx260. Of course I’m going to try ubuntu.

Sorry for late reply

I run Win 7 home premium without any limitation.
The pro version brings things like network backup things or data cyphering. Unless you love the blue package, go for Home premium, it is expensive enough…

Not really, I got Professional for $50 :wink: (Yes, a real version, not a hack)

I needed the network backup anyway so that was my choice made there. Home premium is good, there isn’t much difference really between the 2. You will probably change the background anyway…

Thanks guys! I’ve bought Home Premium and it works fine.

Indeed !
I have a soft spot for Apple and Macs, I sometimes use Ubuntu as well, but one has to admit that Win 7 is quite good !

Rule 1:
Get SB versions of Windows (System Builder) - they are cheaper (~100-130USD), they can be activated as often as you like without calling the MS support BUT the license comes with no support and holds you responsible for support if you re-sell it.

Rule 2:
Check what you need and what you don´t:

I got W7 Pro x64 because of network backup, 2 supported CPUs, memory support beyond 16gb, Remote desktop, group policies and WindowsXP mode.

And if you boil it down, buying an OS is rally cheap. If you pay let´s say 150 USD for your OS and use it for 3 years on a daily basis, you payed less than 14 cents per day. A luxury I gladly afford. I am certain many spend more money on stuff they don´t even remotely need.