win 7 problem extracting graphicall builds

Hi, I have recently built a new PC and have installed win 7 (x64). for some reason I am unable to unpack or install any builds from I have tried winrar, 7zip and universal extractor and always get the message that the archive is incomplete or corrupt.
I have managed to extract rar archives from other locations no problem, it’s just graphicall downloads that pose problems, I even got an exe file from one of the downloads but it wouldn’t run either. I didn’t have this problem on my old xp machine. If anybody knows about this problem I would really apreciate some help as I really want to start using 2.5 builds.

I realize this is not a techsupport forum, but I figured somebody might have had the same problem.



graphicall was recently hacked, try finding a build from somewhere else, there are nightly dev builds somewhere…