win 8 64 speed python and speed blender

when I got this new machine a few months back
first thing I did was to run a speed test for doing float operation in python
and a few months back I got speed = around 4 E6 Flops

but last month I got a big new update for AMD drivers
and I redid a speed test for python and got speed= 6.5 E6 Flops

but blender did not see any speed change In rendering or viewport as I can see !

so is there any reason why this differrence ?
or anyway to get blender to run faster ?


If this is a reference to GPU rendering in cycles, then you are probably not going to see much of an improvement. Those benchmarks are geared toward getting good performance in games which is a very different use-case than what Cycles does with the GPU.

don’t know fi python is using GPU or not !
I just did a little python script to test how many FLOP I got

I did see a difference between 2 driver version for the script speed
but no difference for rendering !

which is kind of strange !


just saw a note in python doc
might have something to do with that increase in speed

or there is some other improvement
but why not in blender render ?


what does rendering have to do with python?

I guess renderer is in C coding
so might not change the speed !

only python scripting seems to have change in speed!
and wondering why !