Win a server (and donate it to Kib)

(pofo) #1

InternetWorks has a competition with a 4000£ server as a prize.
here —>

Go win it and donate it to Elysiun :smiley:

Ok, probably not. It’s nice to dream though.

  1. pofo

(ps. for those who don’t want to read the article, the answer is Intel x86)

(pps. for those of you who happen to be in Greece, be careful. A competition is a kind of gambling ;))

(acasto) #2

I didn’t see anything about bandwidth though, just the 5GB transfer on the hosting account. Which is the real trick, because the most expensive thing with colo is the bandwidth. You can plant a 1U rack server somewhere relatively cheap. For my colo’d server, the montly bandwidth and options make up 90% of my payment. I actually used to manage a colo/hosting division at a comany, and we would actually just about give away a server, if they signed a longer contract (~two years), because it is worth more.