win Tons blender back?

([email protected]) #1

Hi all,

as i was surfing around i had come across this site:

 (Xbox linux project)  

maybe someone with the linux know how could win this prize
and split the cash with Ton!

(not to mention Blender on the Xbox)


(mrmunkily) #2

hate to break it to you, but none of us are really what you would call “kernel hackers” which is exactly the sort of people who will need to reprogram a lot of the most basic kernel drivers… as far as running unsigned code goes, It would be awesome if someone here could make that breakthrough.

but meh, we’re more ametuer artists than programmers really.

([email protected]) #3

Hi mrmunkily,

I guess i was`nt really expecting to get any serious replys
to this post, i just thought it was cool that someone would put
up $200,000 bucks to back door microshaft. :wink:

and the fact that there would (or will be) be a chance to play blender
games on the Xbox! :smiley: