Win10 - blender 30sec delay to starts - help

hi guys, I don’t understand why my blender 2.90 starts with 30" delay. This is not a version issue, with past versions it’s the same. My computer is 6 years old computer i5 with nvidia gtx970, 16gb ram and I have this problem only since after the 2.90 was released. I tries to remove and install again, change position on hard drive, quit the antivirus soft, close Adobe CC… Normaly Blender stars in few seconds, in my case it looks freezed, start the cmd and the program window starts grey, after 25-30" it show me the fox and the ui.

Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you

ps. I also installed “process monitor” but I don’t understand how to solve with it.

When Blender starts up, you will see the system console first. What do you see in there?
And can you open Task Manager > Tab processes, and sort the column Disk. What other processes start when you start Blender? (In my case it’s antimalware service from MS).
What do you mean with Quit the Antivirus? Often it doesn’t help to disable it, but a temporaly uninstall is needed. In case you want to install a clean Blender, you also need to delete the folders in AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.90

I guess I had the same issue and upgraded my hardware (CPU, HDD, RAM), and it’s a bit faster now. Still it takes like 15 seconds to start Blender. My old harddisk was slow and had a few bad sectors. Had this problem for years. Before the hardware upgrade it could like 2 or even 3 minutes to start Blender. I have loads of addons installed though.

Did you install some heavy addon?

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thank you, but my problem it’s very strange because normaly blender starts slow but sometime it starts in 3 seconds. When I think to have found a solution, it works one time only :(.
Thank you for the suggestion about appdata, I purged the dir now and blender seems to works.

At this moment i have only the blender base version.
after five blender restarts (my preferred rendering in this time :smiley: ) it starts quickly. I hope it’s works after post my reply :wink: