Winamp stops after like 10 secs of animation

(Maaatt) #1

Hi there, im using winamp and when i download an animation of someone I play it but it only plays it for like 7-10 secs. I did download the nimo codec and DixX codec.

Can someone please help me?

(z3r0 d) #2

does windows media player have this problem?

is this file you’re trying to play at a particularly large resolution? [like 1280x720]

(Maaatt) #3

Windows media player has the same problem and no it’s not a large resolution.

(z3r0 d) #4

do you know what codec the file is?

is it only one file you have this problem with?

my machine has issues with files that are particularly large in size [like avi raw] or large in resolution [hd resolution game trailers]…

(Maaatt) #5

Really no idea what the codec file is. But I always get this probs. The movie freezes but the sound continues.

(Maaatt) #6

oke reinstalled divX and nimo codec… Guess that did the trick it works perfect now! Thanks for helping me though;)