I was wondering what other people thought of winamp.

I like it.

did it screw up ur comp at all???

Also, can u change the viz?

im using it right now, it is awesome.

its a great program in windows, unlike itunes in windows which bogs down the system too much. But I had to vote no simply because being in Linux I simply love amaroK (in comparison it is teh suck) :stuck_out_tongue:

pay attention to it when you install… like pretty much anything else it defaults to some file associations and things you might not want.

Foobar2000 all the ruddy way. Small, fast and natively supports my multimedia keys.

Minimal, but easily expandable.

I have winamp 2.71. Did google search to find it. Only version that I like.

I’m a little more modern, I use 2.91 :smiley:

prefered the old versions, before this i use 2.95. But now I turn to foobar2000

i use the latest all the time.

5.x is the same as 2.x but has modern skin support, media library, and other good stuff :smiley: i love the fact that my winamp looks just like my XP install.


I used to love Winamp, now I don’t tend to use it as much for the main fact that I’m on a Mac

being in Linux I simply love amaroK

AmaroK is the stuff!!

Its becoming a bit bloated but what it gives you is excellent. Its pure amazing. :smiley:

Wasn’t there a “your favourite media player” poll two weeks ago? Nevertheless, I use Winamp (media library + global hotkeys) and Amarok on Linux. One thing Winamp really needs is undo in playlist. If you accidentally play a file instead of enqueueing it, it replaces the playlist. In that case you can kill the winamp process in order to quit it without saving the changed playlist, but it’s not that annoying anymore as I’ve set all places to enqueue by default.

Winamp was better when it allowed the use of multiple playlists in the playlist window. I could set up all the bands as their own playlists and do with winamp pretty much what I do with amarok now, Definitely Winamp is THE windows audio player though, as long as you don’t install the video section, and the visulisations are really good. Libvisual just doesn’t cut it by comparison.


I’m using it as we speak. I works perfectly fine without bogging my system and managing my songs and playlists. Shoutcast and streamripper plugin allow me to record internet radio (which is legal. I’ve made my research into that subject). I also like fooling around with the visualisation when I’m just listening to music. I’ve set the viz to replace my desktop background so I have basically a color mixing background with my icons on top. It’s fun to look at once in a while and impress a few friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t used winamp in ages. I liked the fact that you can skin it though.
Now I’m pretty iTunes minded.
I always thought Windows media player’s playlist was total fubar.

I think WinAmp is sweet but is a little too memory heavy for my taste. You end up paying for that kick-ass Library component in performance. (at least I do)

windows media player playlist is the best one

but winamp rules

dante? how much memory does it use for you? mine uses about 40Mb, but then again my songs are all FLAC encoded, so i dunno if any of that is buffered music, or if its all just media library.

then again 40Mb of 2Gb is nothing to cry about for me :smiley: