Wind and other turbulence on fluids

I’m trying to create waves on a fluid simulation, like those caused by wind on the surface of the sea. For that I added a Force Field -> Wind inside the fluid domain, near where the water surface rests during simulation. However, it doesn’t affect the water in any way after I bake it… even if I set the wind’s strength to huge values.

I read that this should work several months ago, but I might have misunderstood. Can force fields be used to influence the physics of fluids? If not, are there other ways to add wind and other turbulence to liquids?

So I read wrong… force fields don’t influence fluids. I saw fluid control descriptions in the past, but got the impression they’re used to shape fluids and suck them into objects. If the attraction force is low enough however, it could be used to create waves on the surface without making droplets float upward. Will try it out sometime later… thanks.