Wind Blowing curtain in game [How?] [I GIVE UP]

]Hi all,

I’m trying to create a room with a window open and wind moving the curtains.

I made the curtain and added the cloth physics and wind and it playes the animation well. That is where I got stuck ! How do I integrate it in the game? (been looking all afternoon, hoping to find a big BAKE button :spin:)

How should I go about doing that?

Both of those threads seem to shun Soft Body physics types - and for a full cloth Sim I probably would, too - but for a flag or curtain it can come out nice. You will have to apply force to it on your own (probably in python), but it is not tricky otherwise.


Can’t you just just bake a cloth simulation and play the baked action in game? The only down side is that nothing else could interact with the curtain.

soft-body game engine curtains:

this might get you started.

Soft Body it is ! That did get me Started Martinsh and its simple to do. tnx

@Crumpet , i was looking for a 1+1 =… way to achieve it , and those treads were even more confusing.

That was what i was trying to do. I just didn’t know how. i still don’t know how Mobious. ( i do want to know)

I gave up on the Curtains, It keeps crushing.
Anyway, I’m almost done with texturing and I’ll upload the .blend file and hope you guys will let me know on ways I can improve. Till then … here are my screen shots.

To be honest a little bit work and it looks a lot better than Renderings I used to do with ArchiCAD. I’m Loving Blender!