Wind does not affect cloth

I’ve done this before and it worked, I even set up a simple test with wind blowing into a cloth and it worked. With this model however something is wrong and I cannot figure out what causes it.

This is frame 1 of the animation. When the wind starts blowing it does not seem to affect the two sails. The influences on the main sail are on their default values. Only the gravity pulls the sail down. All for corners are pinned with weight 1. On the fock sail (the smaller triangle) I set the gravity influence to 0. Therefore nothing happens there. All three corners are also pinned.
The wind itself does have strength 30 and some variance.
The appended model is a BMesh model, so you will need a recent enough built to open it.

I hope someone can shed some light (or better yet wind) on this issue.

Thanks in advance


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Effector and Effectee must be on same layer (ie, wind must be on same layer as cloth)

I’ve heard that before, so simple.
Thanks daren