wind engines

In the attachment is my current project to get used to the new version of blender.
Modelling, rendering and postproduction was done in blender 2.5 alpha2!

Please visit my blog for the animation!

…happy about c&c!

thx n´ greez, Jürgen

p.s.: can i control the sizing of pictures directly in the posts? I´m scaling down the picture but in the preview it just appears with the original size… :confused:


Looks very cool.
I am not sure how to explaint it but i love the overall render effect…um…it kinda look like the nfs most wanted bright glow effect… that is the best way i can explain it…kind of like in this image but not exactly. I would really love to know how you did it!

Er… Why this is WIP? Looks awesome! : ) And, please show us nodes for glow effect : )


thx fo the comments…

In my opinion it’s definitly wip! This was my first try with the compositor ever and the picture is a testrender!
There are no textures (except the logo and the background) in the scene. There should be some dirt on the windengine and traces of rainshowers and so on…

In the attachment you will find the very simple Nodessetup…

But with this setup i have still some (color)problems with the edges of the pylon to the background. Maybe i should try to composite it again with the background and engines on different renderd layers… :wink:

thx n’ greez


Wow, i gotta say, i thought this was like a pre last render or something too.
First try with compositor?–Awesome dude, I would have never have guessed.
Hey, is there any way you can increase the resolution of the last image, it is kinda hard to see the nodes. AHH, shoot, i just realized that it is not just the node setup thou, you have a light setup as well…
I would reeeeaaaly love to see your .blend(you can delete the model, i just want to see the setup).
If you don’t want to post it, can you please give a screen-shot of the light setup, and how is your back ground set up? is it a textured sphere or …
And what is that green stuff?

Gosh i feel like i am asking too much, I dont want you to feel like being used or me sounding like a “beggar”, it is just i have been looking for a way to get this effect for a loong time.

no problem man…

yeah… this were my really first steps in the compositor. i tried to get a satisfying result directly in blender for the animation.
click here for the blendfile… the model is a superspeedmodel with still a looooot of errors… no problem to share it;) lighting is very simple… you will see :slight_smile:
the background is a mapped panoramic sky from on a uv-sphere.
i hope that is what you’re searching for!

sometimes the side(down)bar is doing strange things (scaling by itself without any reason, disappearing…)
with “+” and “-” on the numpad and a few clicks on some buttons you can fix this… maybe it’s because the original model of the engines was done in blender 2.49b 32bit and just opend and continued working in blender2.5 64bit… i don’t know…


Aw you forgot to pack the images.

Hmm takes awhile to render(at least for me) do you have any idea what setting it is? (i unchecked Full motion blur and anti aliasing, and it is still slow)
Used another cloud image, didnt get same results, but 'twas close…next step try to experiment in my own .blend.
Ty for ur setup!

hey DDD

click here to download the sky texture. to increase the renderspeed you can also try to decrease the raytrace samples in the environment panel…

with motion blur turned on, the full render resolution, and with the max raytrace samples (environment - gather - samples) you should get the same result… i hope… :expressionless: