Wind force field slow motion

Hi guys!

I have some problem… I’m working on an animated scene, which consists of approx. 10 horse riders galloping in the rocky area. All of them have capes, with cloth simulation turned on. Though, while riding the horses, character capes don’t behave correctly. Because of that, I had to create a wind force field for each horse riders, point it to the rider and parent it to the horse. This way the capes now imitate the horse riding flow…

Problem is: I need this scene to be in a slow motion. So now when the riders and horses are animated in a slow motion, capes are flowing in a real-time…

Need a solution for this badly…

Please help me to get rid of the head aches…

Many thanks in advance!

Don’t have time to try right now, but in theory the Speed Multiplier for the cloth sim should do the trick.

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You could try exporting each horse and rider as an Alembic animation, then create a new scene and import it. You’ll have time controls to change the speed.

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Would increasing the frame rate of the scene work? Then slow down the clip in video edit?

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Thanks guys! Speed Multiplier for cloth did work… So haven’t tried the rest…Thanks to all of you anyway!