Wind isnt affecting cloth.

Can someone advise how you make wind affect cloth? My cloth works fine but just ignores the hurricane strength wind I have tried to blow on it. Before you ask:

They are on the same layer as the rest of the scene.
Wind stength of 1000 has as much effect as 0.01 on the cloth and that is absolutely nothing.
The cloth is pinned at one end, should that be relevant.

I’ve tried a search and those are the most common things asked. I also tried following some tutorials but they are from about 3-4 years ago and very outdated so cant be followed.

Strange, i just tried the equivalent of “turning it off and on again” by changing the physics from wind to vortex, and it started working. Changed it back to wind with the same settings and it still works. So must be a bug.

However now, the wind, at max (1000) strength hardly affects the flag at all, and is located right next to it. Do i just have to amp up the “wind” setting in the cloth feild weights?

Up the wind strength higher to a few thousand or reduce Power to zero if it’s not already
Show your wind settings and blend file

I think there is a bug in there somewhere. I had the same problem where the wind stopped affecting the material, even at max velocity. Had to delete it and start again.

I presume you made sure that cloth and wind emitter are NOT on the EXACT same plane…