Wind, keys and parenting?

Hi everyone. I have another little problem with my animation.

I followed the flag tutorial of dark scarab (a very good one) and everything worked fine when the flag was alone in a scene with the wind blowing on it. After, I added a staff and parented the flag to it with ctrl+p, everything was still fine. The problem is when I needed to move the staff around with loc, rot, scale keys. The wind don’t do its job and the flag don’t follow the staff he’s parented with and only turn around itself…

Someone know what is wrong with that? Thanks a lot!!!

Sounds like you still have cache information. Did you try clearing and re-generating the cache after you moved the pole?

i’ll check for it… you mean the cache like when we bake?

well it don’t seems to work. I click free cache, then I click bake and the flag still don’t move in the wind :S

no idea? :frowning: