Wind Power (Turbines)

Hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

My new project (Just a render test)

And I want something like this

C&C are welcome.

One thing… I want big shadows, but I can’t do it
I just don’t know how

oh…I’m rendering in Yafray.


Have you made sure the light casts RayShadows, and that RAY is clicked in the render buttons window? I think that’ll give you a start. Messing around with the lighting will help you to make long shadomws though.
Hope this helps :wink: .

You should lower the lights, so that they point at the rotors nearly vertically.

Otherwise, nice models, but they seem rather small.
Maybe add the stairs or fence or something similar?

I know what to do.

My objects were tooooo big!
Look at the image, I got shadows!

Now I’m working at the stairs and the shadows

Thank you all!