wind to blow rope

I downloaded a sled in blend swap created by PIROHMANIAC (Thanks!). It had the perfect rope on it that I need for my project. I brought the rope into my scene but I can’t seem to make it move. It is a mesh object. I have watched a lot of tutorials and I still can’t figure out how to make this hang like a rope and blow around with the wind force field on it. Can someone help or point me in the right direction?

same principle then witht the flag

Thank you for responding. I can’t seem to change the shape of the rope to just straighten it out.

may depends how you set the weight factor on the different part of the rope !

The rope was originally created with a NurbsPath that gave it its shape. Do I have to set up something else to straighten it out?

not certain if this can work with Nurbs

try to save to another file and convert to mesh and see what happen then set weight factors !


The rope needs to be attached to the sphere at the top of the pole. It needs to blow in the wind like the flag. The rope is a Mesh and modified with an array. I added a cloth to the rope hoping it would act like the flag. I chose the top vertices in the rope as my pinning group and then assigned to the cloth. Now my rope just stays there it is not affected by the wind force field like the flag. Can someone help? I need to finish this project!!!

try to apply the array modifier and see if it works ok

but one thing here the area for this rope is very small so less effect in wind
you may have to modify the wind strenght may be

can you upload sample file for this


I was wrong my rope still drops even after I have assigned pinning group. I applied the array modifier. Everything still acts the same way.
The .blend file is 21Mb in a .zip file. Can I upload that?

no here max is around 1 MB
but can you try to reduce it may be
by changing some settings that we can re set afterward may be

or show us the different settings for the rope and flag

should be easy to do

or try to upload somwhere else and give us link or PM it


Here are the screen shots for the info for the rope.
I am trying to find a way to get you the blend file. I’m uploading to my idisk right now.

Does any of this info help?

The blend file is on my idisk. If I had your email I could send you the link.

see if this link works for you.

sorry i did work on some cloth in 2.49 but this has change quit a lot in 2.62

can you remind me where you set the weight in 2.62

i tought you simply set weight paint on bottom header but it does not work!

i check your file and why was it so slow when selecting the rope?
i mean really slugish
i deleted it cause i could not work on my PC
i will use instead a simple cylinder ?

the file went from 21 MB down to less then 400 KB
this si very strange ?


The rope was from a download of a blender project I found online. I linked it and brought it into my project. Sorry it was so big. It was strange to me to, and it does slow my computer down. If there is a simpler way to do this with a cylinder that would be great!
I think weight is Mass in the Cloth settings. Thanks for the help. I have been trying to do this simple animation for almost a week! Of course it’s new to me and I am learning. I could have used another program, but I saw all the tutorials and support for blender and decided to try and use it.

did you follow a PDF tut on this ?
that i can download
or what is the lenght of video if short i can look at it

but it will probably go tomorrow morning sorry for delay

i think this rope had a lot of things associated may be like animation
which you did not need in this case i guess!
i ask Bizla to have a look may be he can help
will see later on !

but by replacing it with a simple cylinder which you have to subdivide a lot along main axis
so it can bend then it should wrok fine
it’s just a matter of set weight for verts and that’s it


If you use a cylinder how can you get it to look like rope? And when I tried a cylinder I could not get the pinning right.

I got the rope from blender swap. The rope was originally part of a sled. Here’s the link:

sorry i cannot dowload from blendswap got problem wtih my registration
and cannot re register this site has amny problems!

do you need a rope or just a cylinder ?

i don’t know how to do the pinning in 2.62
can you explain


ok try this

do Alt A to animate it and the rope will follow except the top part which is pinned down !

smith flag test 2.blend (1.47 MB)

what do you think


I need a rope that looks like the one I chose. It needs to be attached to the top of the flag pole and it needs to act like a rope blowing in the wind.

Pinning is what I had to do to one side of the flag to keep it stationary after I put the cloth on it. I will send you a couple of screen shots of it on my next reply.