Wind Turbulance

Is there a way to make a random number generator (or something similar) drive the wind “strength” instead of an IPO in order to simulate wind turbulance?

What’s wrong with an IPO? The only other way is with Python which I don’t know for sure is possible.


What’s wrong with an IPO?

Nothing is really wrong with doing this with an IPO, it would just be very tedious. I would rather just be able to create a random number generator, set limits on the values is would create, set how fast I want it to change and be done with it. (With perhaps the ability to bake the output into an IPO.)

I was also thinking it might be done in Python, but I’m not familiar enough with the API to do that on my own.

The new IPO Driver system can use a single line of Python code to create a value, but I’m not sure how it’s implemented either.