Wind up toy tank (finished)


This project started as a test to check the workflow with cycles and substance painter, I liked the result and decided to make a scene out of it. The next step now is to fill the scene with background elements, I think that will give it a better sense of scale, which I think its missing right now. I might change the scene to a attic instead, to give it a “old memories” feel to it. The tank needs more dents too.

Comments and criticism appreciated :3

Nice work so far man, textures and materials are looking really good :slight_smile:

I think the tank would benefit from some labels dotted about here and there on it (i.e maybe some military style decoratives?) obviously they would have to be torn and weathered to fit old and well-used look of the other materials :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could also have some raised print on the model somewhere? like a brand name or model number maybe?

As for the scene, i think an attic would fit much better… with some dusky lighting, fighting through the thick and dusty air :slight_smile:
Maybe have the tank as the main focus of the scene, with a few other military style toys splayed out behind the tank slightly blurred by DoF? like the little green army men, or maybe some other similar styled vehicles to the tank?
Just a suggestion, you may have other ideas for the scene :wink:

Looking forward to your next updates :smiley:

Thanks for reminding me about the labels, should at least have a company label on the front plate :slight_smile: I’ve started to block out the scene with some objects I had lying around (all textures needs to be replaced), really helped with giving a sense of scale plus adding a story to the picture. Adding army men is a great idea, but its going to take a lot of time making them, maybe I’ll find some free models that I can use :stuck_out_tongue: The winding handle doesn’t show from this angle so think I’m going to move it on the other side. Think I need to test out some other iterations with the lights, I like it as it is so it might not change that much :3

Theres some pretty good models available of toy army men for free here -

I think most of them are in .stl format, so they should be easily imported into blender :slight_smile:

(I haven’t downloaded and tested the models, i’m just going off how the previews look)

man this is just crazy, i allways want to work with cycle but i suck,
it will be really nice if you showed me how to start making some thing just like that, i am good at modeling but i am not good at light set and cycle ,so for start how can i render without the noise dot,s in cycle

@ alf0 Try using the clamp settings in the render tab. I usually set direct to between 3.00 - 4.00 and indirect to between 2.00 - 3.00.

This should help with fireflies (dots). Also, setting your maximum bounces to the same as your minimum bounces helps to reduce noise :slight_smile:

Ive attached an image with some good general settings for clean renders :slight_smile:

Also, the more samples you have, the cleaner your final render will be :slight_smile:

(update: added some army men+textured some of the models)

Jamie B: Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

alf0: Just keep practising, that’s my best advise. Follow tutorials and learn as much as you can, that’s what I did. For lightning you should try to learn the “three-point lightning” method (keylight, backlight and rimlight), once you learn it you could apply it to nearly any scene. For materials I would recommend Substance painter, its a good way to make believable textures really fast. I think Andrew Price has some good texture tutorials on “”. Noise is always a problem with cycles, try to keep your scene as clean as possible with good textures, use few and big lights and try render with as much samples as possible (500<). Good luck ^^

Looking good :slight_smile:

I think you should use less saturated colours for the other objects though, the vibrant yellows and reds are a bit of a distraction from the main focal point :wink:

My initial thought was that the legos look to new in relation to the oldness of the toy tank (tank looks like from the 30’s while legos look like they just came out of the box). Unless that’s a contrast you are going for.

I really like the tank model and it’s textures. Reminds me of my Dad’s old Mechano set. Maybe a few pieces of those instead of the legos…

ok _ Jamie B
this is actually going nice so far, thank,s what else can you teach me, like when i want to make a basic scene with 2 light,s set, the background light and the direct light, what kind of light,s should i use in cycle, point or spot

great , thanks alot i,ll chick it out :slight_smile:

@alf0: hi mate, i can help you with anything you need, as long as i understand the subject myself! lol.

I don’t want to hijack this thread with tips or advice though, as it is for Heinzelnisse to post his progress on this scene :slight_smile:

But if you would like, you can email me and i would be happy to help you! just message me at - [email protected] :slight_smile:

My internet connection has been gone in a couple of days… but here is a new update :smiley:

I went back to the original set-up. I realised that I had to do a lot of changes to make the attic scene work, especially with the old and dusty look.

alf0: I’m glad that Jamie could help you:) Right now I’m using a Point light as the keylight and a world shader as a rim/fill light. Spotlights are good if you want to have a desk lamp or something, I chose a point light because I wanted it to fill the whole room and not only a small section.

Love this.

Great toy!

Wonderful concept and execution - simply love this as it reminds me so much of my childhood all those years ago.

Keep up the good work, and you could add some Meccano just to make me really feel nostalgic! I still have all my Meccano from my childhood by the way.

Cheers, Clock.

Waouw! Really nice.
Textures are amazing! It makes it real.
Great job!

New update is looking really good!

This brings back nostalgic memories of playing with my army toys back when i was a kid :slight_smile:

Looks very nice, but i miss a little bit of a story or composition. maybe let it shoot at smth? or charge a castle

Thanks for the comments :3

I built the scene around the tank instead of thinking about composition, so it is a little bit late to make big changes:p But I might add a Meccano piece or two in the background :slight_smile: