Wind Waker Bosses

Here, I got this idea from Mattimus, who’s doing the Ocarina Of Time bosses, I decided i would do the Wind Waker bosses (I know mattimus, and he told me it was alright to do this idea, so just know that this all checks out :D) So far these are my best renders (not much, i know, but still, for me its a huge accomplishment, these are my first colour/bump mapped models)…

Heres my first, its Molgera, the boss of the Wind Temple!

I finished this today, Jalhalla, the boss of the Earth Temple…

So what do you think?

Next Up, Gohdan, the boss of Gods Tower!

looks good so far, but I think you should make that matterials on jalhalla more toon like, cell shaded, and I dont think molgera really needs that black outline

Hmm… ive thought about that, but i like how Jalhalla is coming out of the dark, and im not really trying to make them cel shaded

and as for the edges on molgera theyve been removed, I changed the link

okay, coming along nicely, do you plan on doing link, zelda, ganon, or puppet ganon? or any other characters for that matter

atm im planning to do Gohdan, after that… we’ll see…

I started (And finished) Gohdan this morning, which is insanely quick for me

yay i did Kalle Demos

woah, Gohdan looks just like Andross.
I never played all the way through Wind Waker because I got bored with the sailing trying to find the triforce shards. These bosses seem less inspired that OoT, however, which is sad.

Good modelling, however. :slight_smile:

yes, ive noticed that some of them, (especially gohdan) seem to copy the OOT bosses in a few ways

yeah thats xactly what i was thinkin when i saw it :cool:

lol maybe i should have him saying “DESTROY STAR FOX!!!”

Here, i made the Helmaroc King, from the Forsaken Fortress

good work!!! i love zelda! i like your texturing. is there coming any animations anytime soon??

Im no good at animations yet, i havent pracitced, and all the textures i make for them are my own colour maps, so thanks!!!

maybe once i can do decent animations ill make some, but until then…

bump Man, I’ve really wanted to start working on something in blender lately, but my damn laptop keyboard has an irritating numberpad option, so I’m holding out till I either get another keyboard for my laptop or my own PC.

@ Omegapirate2000 and friends

The bosses in Windwaker look like bosses in OOT, because this is an evolved world FROM OOT. Everythign comes from the older Hyrule. The Kokiri race has evolved, the Zoras had evolved; heck, there are even Gorons in the game. Read up on it. Things change, but stay mostly the same. All these bosses are relatives of the old ones.

Twilight Princess on Nov. 19th, and I will be waiting in line. Wii FTW!

Hold on Tight,

EDIT: Oh yeah, they look nice too :D.

I know that, and I even mentioned that somewhere in the thread I think…

It’s only for modelling practice anyway, XD