quote from "The Last Samurai:

A perfect blossom. You could spend your whole life searching for one, and it would not be a life wasted.

Cool. This is nice.

Different. I feel like I’m playing Metal Gear Solid 3. Nicely executed, but I would like to see what it would look like with a background of some sorts.

nice. i like that therre isn’t too much stuff and clutter like we see in a lot of renders nowadays. great work

XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice and simple. Maybe those stick-like things could be a bit less straight.


Very nice and simple. Has a nice calming affect to it. I would love to see it animated with blowing petals;)

this is an awesome pic, not complex, but very amazing

henrymop: Thank you.

3dak: thanks, a BG… hum that never crossed my mind. Just wanted it nice and clean. But you’ll hopefully see it in the journeybegins entry because this tree is made particulary for that entry.

xrqlz: Thank you. Yeah I just wanted it simple but yet affective.

Aligorith: Hi and thanks. The branches could be less straight, maybe I’ll rework the whole scene when I have the time but for now I’ll have to leave it like this because times running out on my journey entry.

mr_bomb: Thank you for your reply. A nice little animation would be great but then I realize that I can’t just go and animate it because of the journey entry. But after the contest maybe :slight_smile:

arcticsnpr: Thank you.

Thank you all for your posts!

Have a nice day.

/ foCus aka Dan

This would be a great desktop background.
Simple but beautiful. :smiley:
Could you render it in 1280x1024 or some other common screen resolutions?

It doesn’t need a background and the branches are fine. I think you acheived what you were aiming for. It’s bloody lovely.

Trichter: Thank you :slight_smile: however I can’t render it in a bigger version because I kind of saved over it when I continued working on the tree… but maybe i can recreate it somehow, we’ll see.

dodgydavec: Thanks

if you wonder how the flowers are made then it’s your lucky day.

Start out with making one petal and then duplicate it so you get a round circle of petals. then do the same, you can even just duplicate the cirkle of them and rotate it so it looks different from the petals that are behind the new ones. But I recomend shift D every singel petal, because you get more control over it and it’s going to look nicer.

well that’s a quickie on how to make a flower bunch, I think the picture helps alot.

This is how I made them:

thanks for stopping by.

This is quite amazing. I didn’t know that it might be that easy to do a flowerbunch. And the result is quite beautyfull!

how did you do that it looks so calm and comforting…

gunnarstahl: Thank you :slight_smile:

ARABIAN KNIGHT: it the white soft and clean look that makes it pleasent to the eyes. And pink is a colour that brings harmony, calm, joy, enthusiasm and romance. So that’s why you get the feeling of calm and comfort.

Thanks for watching.

/foCus aka Dan

looks very nice

thank you anoncompboy

Simple, yet elegant and peaceful.
It reminds me of a quote from “The Last Samurai”

Katsumoto: A perfect blossom. You could spend your whole life searching for one, and it would not be a life wasted.

text is a bit “uuh”, but the picture I do like! excellent rendering!


Slepnyrl: Thank you :slight_smile: lovely quotation.

basse: thanks, yeah should have skipped the text, just something that came up in my mind. But however I think I should change the text to the quotation from the last samurai that slepnyrl quoted, it does fit better.

Thank you all for stopping by.

That sounds like a good idea. I can already picture a fine flowing text with the quote from the movie on the right of the image. I’m sure it would be a very nice desktop.