Windmill scene

I think this turned out okay considering the amount of setbacks I had when rendering. I wanted to try out some things, like a landscape setup and a tree with a particle system and I learned alot from this project. By the way this was the largest I could render out at before any crashes…

looks quite nice but the dried grass in front of the windmill looks a little too regular, and the tree in the background seems out of place

I had problems with the guassian blur which is really my own fault (node inexperience), I could only give an overall blur to the grass as opposed to something with depth, and I also ran out of time on the project so I couldn’t refine the lighting or the composition, it was a bit of a mess up towards the end.

But the windmill and tree on their own turned out okay;

Hmm did u turn on ‘strand render’ in particle settings? in combination with a high resolution it enables to push blender renderer’s capabilities to the edge ;), also if u split the ground in parts, you can turn particle reduction with increasing distance from the camera for the isolated parts, which also saves some memory during rendering. Sometimes it’s also good to use more tiles, since strands render per tile(although not during shadowbuffer creation methinks…)

dis is gud!

@ wooden dog: cheers :smiley:

@ pildanovak: yeah i used strand render but I didn’t know that other stuff, cheers, I might try that again sometime. I do have a project I’m doing now with particles but there’s so few that it’s not worth messing with much

Nice work :slight_smile: but the grass it too long,it makes the wind mill look small.Also try the brown value on the grass,it might make it more random :smiley:

Edit: if all fails ,you can make a simple + with planes ,give them a grass texture that has alpha channel,and then in the particle properties “Visualization” instead of path,set to object.It will render way faster,but won’t be as realistic as “real” grass

Very nice graphic.

Obviously Blender and your computer got overwhelmed by all those particles.

My suggestion is: look at the light and consider what, visually, “all those particles” bought you. Really, not too much. “How could I get the same effect much cheaper?” Well, I can think of several ways.

First, my old standby trick: compositing. Do the mill separately and slap it on a billboard. Ditto the trees. Forget the shadows. Do the fence. Now go find a texture of the grass from somewhere, doctor it up in Photoshop, and feather the edges down with Alpha=0. Make billboards and duplivert them onto a curved plane. Presto, instant grass and lots of it. Plunk the other billboards into place. Drop a mask into place to shape the top of the hillside.

“Hmmm… not quite right.” What’s wrong? Ahh, yes. The shadows. Take a copy of your curved ground plane, put a few cylinders on it and shoot it with a shadows-only spot. (We don’t need the actual geometry to produce a plausible version of the shadows they would cast.) Take that layer of shadow-information (as an image), add a Blur node, and composite it in, downstream of everything else in the render noodle. Presto. The shadows are now lying where you want them to … and if they’re not, just reposition the image. Too light? Too dark? Wrong color? Too dense? Not enough? Twist a knob in the compositor. Once you’ve got the components, you’re basically finished with the renderer … with all the hard stuff, anyway.

You might be screaming, “but that’s cheating!” Precisely my point. What you want to have at the end of the day is a great-looking image … no matter what path you took to get there. “Modeling reality” can be a horrifically expensive way to get there, and it simply does not pay back the investment in time and energy. “Cheating” is a very honorable word.

^ Ah cheers, I’ll think of that one next time I do something big with particles

Good points, thanks

The composition does not makes sense to me. The scale looks off. The model looks great though.

Yeah guess I mucked it up, cheers also

not bad :slight_smile: yes, i’m the old thread zombie :smiley:

nice scene. i feel like i am there. :slight_smile: