This is the beginning of a base for a windmill that I am working on. I need to finish the base and then move on to the blades.

Looks great :slight_smile: but cant crit it more, only know and seen some of the danish windmills :smiley:

looking good so far. I assume it’s one of those windmills that pump up water from the ground like you find on farms or ranchs. The cross beams look a little thin but I know that sometimes they are metal so would be thin. But the model part so far looks good. Looking forward to seeing more of the model then some textures.

very very nice so far, I can’t wait how the design will be like, perhaps you could reply us a pic of what you are aiming for.

a question for you, how have you dene the lightning? It looks like it is really outside on a sunny day, could you post the blend file please :smiley:

I am not very good in setting up a light scene, so if I could see how you have done this one, I would really appreciate it.

looking quality so far, keep it up

Second request for a blend or description of how you set up the lighting. THat is what struck me about the image as well.

Here is the link to the requested blend file. I have not had a chance to work on it anymore. is where I found the reference pictures.

I am sure I will need lots of help on the texturing that is my weakest discipline.