Hi, this is my first real project that involves its own scene! Maybe you’ve seen it in the WIP section for a while, and I’ve decided that it is now finished. I hope you like it!

Wow, I especially like the grass material.
Reminds me of the styrofoam stuff they put in boxes.
Some parts don’t seem to have enough shade.
The clouds look like whipped cream.
Hmmmm…whipped cream…arrrrrrrr…

the clouds are great, i love them. The style of this whole scene is really interesting, i like it a lot. Great job.
the windmill ‘blades’ look like those pretzel things that come in chex mix. :slight_smile:
-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Done, This is really well done. A very complete scene. And also very connected I feel like it al fits in the same world… The Clouds are perfect. I did also think that the windmill ‘blades’ look edible

Nice work! I really like it :slight_smile:

Only thing I would change would be the sand dunes or wheat crops (I can’t tell the difference :confused:). Give them a little more detail to match the kind of look of the grass. Another idea would be to make one hill all corn and the other one wheat. Just some thoughts.

Hehe, didn’t expect so many responses. :o

@vliegtuig: Hey, thanks! It’s a very highly lit scene, hard to produce any shadows at all. Glad you like it, the clouds, yeah, would go well to the blades! :stuck_out_tongue:

@xrqlz: Thanks xrglz. “Come on, xrqlz” Milky says, whispering, “let’s eat the cake while no ones around.” I think the ‘blades’ are called helixes btw, on second thought.

@Lifeling: Thanks man!

@RnRinRL: Thanks for your comments! Well, I don’t think it’s necessary for the scene to change that - I think they would blend in too well with the main hill, and you wouldn’t notice them as much. There’s already a bit of difference between them, the “fields” are going on different directions, giving them different colours would be another thing taking your eye. While I don’t want too much to distract you from the main picture, I don’t want too little, either.