Hey guys, I’m calling my little Windmill scene finished now, even though there are always little tinkery things to change. If you’re really that bored you can have a look at the WIP thread here

Crits and comments are welcome, tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Rendered in Blender Internal, some PP in Photoshop

shit! jealous I wanna make things like that too! Soo good!

Thanks Howker :slight_smile: I wouldn’t be jealous though, I thought your invisble moster was amazing

That looks very nice. I great style you’ve got there. The grass looks a bit big but in a way that also goes with the rest of the scene, so maybe that’s just personal preference. Great job!

I know :smiley: haha

Wow, this is absolutely awesome! I love the slight Glow effect you gave it; it adds to alot to the image. Nice model and textures too, VERY Zelda-ish! Fav’d!

Thanks for the comment agentmilo :slight_smile: Always been a fan of good old Zelda :wink: The idea actually came from an old old Disney movie

The grass looks a little thick, however, it gives it a feel of a minature or a fantasy land! Superb job! It appears that you used a bumpmap for the stones…which kind of eliminates close ups.

Yeh I didn’t originally intend for the miniature feel… But after texturing that’s how it appeared to turn out so I went with it :stuck_out_tongue: