I did this one relatively quickly (over a few hours), what do you think? Perhaps too bright? strange sky?

I really like it.

Maybe a window or a door would be nice, doesn´t make much sense to me to build stairs on something to have to walk around it to a door on the backside =D
And you could try to invert the sky, make the bright stuff to the sides and the dark clouds behind it… make it look dangerous instead of celestial =)

I´ve been watching you, well your posts and I think you´r making real good progress and you´r posting a lot of work. Keep it up!

Hey this is really nice. i agree with arexma, the door would make more sense closer to the steps. I am not too fond of the overexposed images like your sky, but does give the trees a nice painterly look. Maybe fix the rock texture as it’s tiling on the windmill. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


eliminate texture tiling.

the windmill needs a higher res texture in order to look less tiled, however, i really like the lighting… it gives it a somewhat surreal look…

oh, and looking at it again, your grass could have more steps…

Right so - to do:

  • Better brick texture
  • New cloud texture that don’t look like trees (lol)
  • Door, maybe some windows (must admit, got a bit lazy there)
  • Less bloom

I was originally going for that strange, eerie and dangerous feel but, i got distracted by the warm looking grass… i think i’ll like the eerie one more though, so some re-composition is due :slight_smile:

(to-do list done)
too dark perhaps? It’s trying to be dark and ominous though…

i think i like the dark one more… it’s what i was going for from the beginning, but i got distracted by the pretty colours :wink:

what do you mean by steps?

The dark one is nice :wink:
More steps means in the particle settings for the grass.
The sky could stand to be better.

I’m pretty sure i changed the sky texture… but it must have reverted back when blender crashed (twice) and i had to re-do the compositing… and the bricks… ah well… it’s not too bad right?

I’m not sure what more steps for the particles will do for me

Hey the dark one is looking a lot better. Kind of has a nice vintage look to it now. Not to be picky but the image needs a bit more contrast IMO. If you increase the lamps intensity so the shadow on the windmill has a bit more contrast, then I’d say it will really make the image pop and it will give the viewer a single point of interest. I’d also like to see what this scene looks like if you were to add a light blue color to you lamp and see what kind of mood that gives the scene.

Great image though and I really like the improvements you’ve made. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure the sharper contrast would work… since it’s very dark already - also, on a cloudy day there isn’t much directional light, so there wouldn’t be many (if any) distinguishable shadows.

About the blueness - It might look good, but I’m going for a more disturbing, eerie feel rather than a cold one… but for your personal pleasure, here’s a quick gimping:

oh i got a great idea for your scene, you should change it do be a star filled sky with not so many clouds(only a recommendation). also a lamp or two would be nice for some actual light emitting objects.

Interesting idea… I might do that sometime… but again, it’s not my aim.

Remember, I’m looking for honest criticism on the image, not new ideas. If I don’t get any of that soon, I’ll have to post it as finished

well for “honest criticism on the image” it is jaw dropping. i love how the light reflects off the hair particles, i especially like the fact that it isn’t bright but yet you can still see everything really well.

Thanks - the word ‘criticism’ means ‘serious evaluation and recognition of faults’ - I’m sure there’s something wrong with it. Nothing is perfect

Ok, I really like the blue one. Thanks for trying it. :slight_smile:


Not too sure about the spec near the top - there definitely should be some spec up there, but the current one looks a little fake.

Clouds look a little vertically stretched?

I’d also like to see a little bit more details in the “pillars” below the circular floor - perhaps one or two extra poles would be good.

Otherwise, I quite like it :slight_smile:

Not too sure about the spec near the top - there definitely should be some spec up there, but the current one looks a little fake.

what spec where at the top?

Thanks, I’ll work on those now. And one other thing or two