Hello everyone.

This is my first pretty much finished work and post on elsyiun so C&C’s are welcome.

This started off as testing of Fiber and Zblur however i decided to add a simple model to it and this is what it came out like.

I learnt quite abit about fiber and had some troubles here and there which i still havent sorted out properly. The main problem was getting the grass the right proportion. As you can see in the first render the grass is very large and makes the windmills look like miniture models.

To fix this in the second render i ran fiber on a small plane and duplicated it many times this made the grass closer to the right size however it looses it quality and looks less like grass.

Models and render done in blender. The textures except for the sky are done by me and pretty basic.

First Render
This took about 35 mins to render with 500 000 strands of grass and Zblur enabled.
Render 1

Second Render
This took much longer 4h 27m to be precise and had about 1.8 million strands of grass and Zblur enabled. You’ll notice some changes in position and the sky texture.
Render 2

Final Result
This is the second render touched up and will is final image.


This image is the same as above just done in grey scale with a hint of red and yellow.

Final B&W

The images are not accessibe:

You don’t have permission to access /blender/1.jpg on this server.

Same here

Images are fixed now. I reset the permissions but it didnt work so I have to run them thru a html page atm

Welcome to elysiun :smiley:

I like the first one the best when it comes to the angle, it exposes the grass more. But the windmill looks miniature when it comes to size comparison with the grass. In the last 3 renders the grass looks to fake and repetetive. I think you should stick with the first one :smiley: This is great work…I have never used any fiber scripts :expressionless: lol

Welcome to Elysium!!

I find the first render the best because of the grass. The other two have the grass far too much in a grid. Nevertheless the first render needs a better camera angle. It is not good to put the main object to the middle of the picture. Shift the big mill a bit to the right so it looks balanced with the small one.

Greetings to all blenderheads in Slovakia!!!

Thank you both for the warm welcoming and comments. I do admit that i did have a bit of trouble getting the proportions right for the grass however i dont think ill be modifying it any further. Thanks for the positive feed back.

Maybe I can help with the grass… First, for testing you should always use a very low density so you can see the shape of the grass before doing the final generation. Lowing segment length and width will make the blades of grass smaller.

I also think you need better lighting. The grass is so dark it makes it too difficult to see the detail.

What kind of grass do you want? Your current second & third renders look like it is a highly maintenanced lawn that was recently mowed… Increase the random length and random direction to make it more realistic.