Windosw crashes with yafray. Need help here

Hi all,
I’m trying use yafray for the first time, but when it’s start rendering, I recieve a windows error message:
“Yafray crashed (F@#k off, you dirty noob!)”
So what should I do. When it seems to crash just when he starts rendering. The last lines are:

launching one threads for rendering...
0%              50%                100%
[...............................................] first render pass

Can anybudy help pleazzz?

What exporter are you using? Are you using an option on the exporter that will export, then render? Or are you rendering manually after you export?


I export my scene with yable to make an xml file. Then, in a dos window, I use Yafray on that xml file. I followed a tute about how to use yafray:
Thanx for your help.

Well, im not a coder by any means so the things that I’m going to suggest may or may not work.

-make sure you have the newest version of yafray
-reinstall yafray
-use a different exporter
-try using a GUI with yafray, I suggest Bagisas :slight_smile:
-restart your computer.

Like I said, I am not a coder. Those things could very likley NOT work. But its worth a try I suppose :slight_smile:

hope that helped