Window glass help

im makign ym house and working on the windows right now and i can get the windows to look like glass well… they won’t go tranparent mirror or anything they jsut stay soild can anyone help me? sorry did not realize i posted this in finished projects…

hhhmm well you noticed you were in finished project but hit the button “ray” in the render buttons to get that working.

i did do that… it won’t mirror anything and strange it worked when i did my jacks and it came our really cool and looked like metal and all i did was change this one to get glass and nothing…

can u put up the .blend for me too see?

yeah how do i post a file on this forum?

i dunno lol. never figured that one out. prince you wanna help :P. neither has he :D.

oh lol ok there must be some way people do it…

yea i think u do put your blend here thing ?

yeah but what would i put in the “you blend here”? like the directory where its on my computer?

oh im guessing you dont have a host?

you got msn ?

msn messanger heh but i can e-mail you the .blend

whats your addy

whats you e-mial mine is [email protected] gotta update profile

yahoo… ok ill email u.

hhhmmm the .blend you sent me doesnt open in 2.34 or 2.25?

I believe the setting you are looking for is ZTransp. (Materials, mirror-transparency tab.) If this setting is not used, Blender will not look beyond the surface-plane of the object to see if anything’s “behind” it. Once this option is selected, the Alpha setting determines the amount of translucency.

Windows customarily reflect some amount of specular highlights. The specularity amount and the color of that specularity can be controlled. Also, you can add more complicated “specular highlights” by doing them in a completely separate pass, and composite them on top of the regular image using Sequence Editor.

i dont use ztransp .

Thats pretty vauge Grimreaper. Use ray transparency and ray tracing. If you search around on the forums you can find some good material examples.

If you use ray transparency, you need to press the ray button in the render buttons. In any case, you need to adjust the alpha slider to set the transparency.

Acually, not true. If you use ray transparancy you can adjust only the fresnel and fac sliders. This will allow you to create more realistic glass, that, in turn casts more realistic shadows.
This cup of water was made using ray transparancy, but by adjusting the alpha slider.
While this glass of a rather questionable liquid was made by only adjusting the fresnel and fac sliders under the ray transparancy button. (PS I know the cilipping is off on this one) Notice the difference in the shadows.