Window glass in cycles.

Hey. I know that lighting through glass in cycles will make big noise-problems. However, in m yscene, i would like to see the reflections in the window.
How can i use the Light Path node to make the light pass right through the glass, but still see the reflections in the window?

For some reason it doesn’t seem to work.
Lightpath is broken once again? I wonder.
Oops, had to restart viewport render… hmmm a bug?
(CPU render)

However, there’s an alternative.
If this glass is a separated object, (better be), object properties/ray visibility/shadows off.

Worth considering: "what if you didn’t attempt to do ‘it all’ in Cycles? Or, “not all in one pass?”

Very often, the best way to arrange for a digital computer to deal with a complicated problem … is to subdivide that problem into two-or-more clean, pristine pieces. First, “the window, only the window.” Then, “the reflection, only…”

Once you’ve got “two clean, pristine tracks,” the final mix-down (compositing …) is easy.

No one other than yourself will ever be privy to the dirty little secret that “just one render” didn’ yield “what the viewer eventually saw.”

. . . (“shhhh… don’t tell them” …)