Window help

Lets say that I want to make a window and I want to see outside the window how would I make it do that? Would I cut a hole in a plane or what? I got a window in a scene pcture and I want some outside in the window. Help would be nice :slight_smile:


First build the frame. Add a cube and grab the verts on one side as far as the width. Rotate 45 deg at the corner. Extrude to the next corner, rotate 45 deg and so on… Bevel corners and add a wood texture and so on…

Goto Object mode and Center New. Snap cursor to center and add a plane (window pane). Add Material and drop Alpha to 0.00. In RayMirror turn on ZTransp, In MapTo tab map to Alpha.

If you want reflections add an EnvMap texture or use Raytracing.