Window Join/Split improvement ideas

Here are a few of mine.
Have any of your own?

Joining and splitting windows takes laterally seconds to do so I don’t see the point of all this myself I don’t know maybe your situation is different do you do it (split and join)so often that those for seconds you spend doing add up to minutes and hours.

Or you could be on one of your pointless crusades again, I don’t whether to take you seriously or not most of the times.

Believe me when I say that the second solution to #1 isn’t worth it. I wrote about 500 lines of code to try to do that and couldn’t get it to work, even if I did it would take forever to review that patch, the code was so horrible. If someone is interested, I can post what I have written.

I was making a py script to split with mouse gestures, but got stuck on joining with mouse gesture, but it could split a window at the mouse position.

also I had a 4 directions swap-gesture to swap between 3dview, image editor, f-curve, compositor etc.

but I agree, the spliting and joining could be faster-better.

isn’t it fast enough though, I don’t know I just think it adds needless complexity to something that is pretty trivial and easy to do, Most reasonably component blender users can probably split and join windows in under 10-15seconds all those splits and joins that FreeMind show I can do in under 10 seconds you want to spend time coding so someone can do it in what 5 or so seconds.

It sounds like little gain for your work.

I totally agree. Split-Join does my job well and I dont think that requires any more improvements. IDK if it doesn’t satisfies your needs.

@Tyrant monkey. I am well aware of how easy it is to split windows. And it’s not a very big deal.
But yet it’s not perfect. And perfect should be the goal for everything everywhere in existence.
Those problems i stated is just nitpicking. But you’d have to admit that they are problems nonetheless.

btw, what do you mean by complexity?
Code amount?
Do you also call “border right click, join/split” as unneeded complexity? It made many people happy. It’s really not necessary, as there already is the triangle corner, and I don’t use it. But I am glad it’s there.

Honestly, I don’t like those tiny triangles. Better solutions required. :yes:

Honestly, I don’t like to make twice as much steps to get such splits in solutions to 1. So there you go. Same thing. I know what you mean. And I’m happy you got this feature back.

And in Tyrant Monkey stile:
“Why bother with adding that border split/join? You don’t split often in blender anyway. Unnecessary complexity! I don’t know if I should take your pointless crusade seriously.”

Don’t use them then. Just use the RMB on an edge method as used in 2.49

To be honest, it is really worth adding a ton of new window handling code to cover every possible splitting, sizing, and joining case because it might save someone a few seconds worth of splitting? (though having option number 2 being possible would be nice if it didn’t take tons of new code to make possible)

What I would personally find more useful is if you can lock the size of a window so the whole thing would have to move in cases allowing it if a window next to it moves (say you have a column with a sliver of the timeline window open to preview frames, above it is another window and below is a wider, horizontal window, move the horizontal window up and the entire timeline sliver moves shortening the window above and saving you the step of extending the timeline window first)

I always use RMB method, but middle mouse shortcut doesn’t work. I don’t know why. In 2.49 you can easily change the direction of the split line (vertical or horizontal) with pressing middle mouse button.

With the border-right click back again (yayyyy!!!) and the corner triangles I’m very happy with the options. Your ideas have some merit though.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: how often do users split/join windows to even worry about it so much? Plus the fact that Blender allows the user to save multiple setups and easily flip between them, which is faster than setting up workspaces, should solve 99% of use cases.