Window - newbie WIP

Here’s something i’ve just done. I still need to improve the wall texture and the window (glass etc.)
(PS. I’m a newbie)

not to shabby.
some people like fancy shmancy, but i like the simple style.

not bad. :slight_smile:
but whats with the glass on the floor? it would look better if you modeled a table right where the light hits and put the glass on the table.
and by the way, is OSA on? the pic looks a little jagged.

Cheers for the feedback.

Some questions:

  • I want the light to have a halo in the shape of the window, but it acts as if the wall isnt there and goes through it as a normal halo.

  • How would i create loads of dust particles in the air?

  • When i make the window you can see through it, but the light doesnt come through it any more. How can i sort this?

I did some tests:

make a spot, turn buffered shadows on (not the raytrace one) turn HALO button on, and important:

change halo step form 0 to a level that suits you. Higher level makes faster, more scattered halo, but it makes it shapeable by your window. Ta-daa!!


window thing: turn alpha down, make material transparent (there is a tab where you can choose between z-transp and raytraced transparency)
Or maybe you seek for translucency? The effect is that if the window is coloured it casts coloured shadows too (but you must turn on TraceShadow on some objects)

Hey, thanks for the tips Yeonil and tris.

I’ve turned OSA on and added a halo shaped by the window.

Here’s 3 slightly different ones.

Personally, i like the two where you cannot see the walls. I think add a table to the last one though.

So when you say you added “a halo shaped by the window” what do you mean?

looks awesome, i really like your floor texture it looks very real.


So when you say you added “a halo shaped by the window” what do you mean?

The halo has been thinks of a word ‘cut’ by the wall. I had to do what Yeonil said to get it to work, other it acted as if the wall wasnt actually there.

I see what he means by a scattered halo, Could the same thing be accomplished using four area lights the size and shape of the panes? that might cut down on the scatter.


It would probably be too much hassle doing it that way and then you’d never actually get it perfect, this can be done in a few clicks. I like the scatter, makes it look as if its dusty in there, but you actually can make it less scattery though.

I love your wood floor ! It seems very realistic!
How did you do that? I’ve been playing around with textures to obtain the same effect but in vain…

s7726: In window, maybe area lights will cope, but what if you want a complicated shape of halo? :smiley:

Turn on Nor (materials -> map to) whilst your floor is selected.


(needs to be darker so you cant see the walls)

the floor lookas almost like it has two separater textures on it, to the right and the left? is that just the lighting?


it’s just the lighting :wink:

The pic looks good. You’re a newbie? Man… I am a new also, but I can’t imagine doing something like that yet…

Yeh, lol. I’ve only be using it about a week.
Download this, its extremely helpful.