Window Problems

I am really confused… cannot find the answers anywhere… so i decided to post…

1st Question:
I see many tuts on the net about this style of head modelling but none actually give many tips on fixing the problem… the tuts usually just say… smm like "well now you need to take out the crease in the forhead… i try and try… and tried again… couldnt get it quite right…

2nd Question:
How do i redivide the window if there isnt a division to divide from? NEED HELP =( plz.

interface tutorial

for head modaling just download as meny meshes as you can find then copy the topolagy, adapting as nesoserry.

this should rilly go in the basics and interface forum

for the duplication use the mirror modifier

thnx… i found out that i accidently put the window into full screen. xD
ctrl+up arrow xD