Window question

Hey all.

I am making a mini map. For that I make a large plane with a map on it.
I want the mini map to look like a circle. Withing the circle, you see the map, but outside of it you see the rest of the level… so basicly… it’s transparent.

Hope you understand what I mean, does anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks ^^

Thats complicated…I guess its probably possible…but you will probably have to use the video texture module or something. I don’t know a lot about that module…other wise I could probably whips something up.

If I was you, I would use a viewport script combined with a render to texture script.

Thanks man. ^^

The render to texture thing would be used on a circle. And the view ports would be used to make the map.

yeah!, It can be done… here.

W,A,D to move.


example.blend (410 KB)

Uhm… does this work with glsl or something? It ain’t adding the overlay scene at my comp…?

Yeah…I didn’t get his example either…what I was thinking, is:

  1. Use view ports to get a map in the corner.
  2. Use render to texture to add the “magnifying glass”
  3. Have fun.

I would whip up an example…but I am too busy right now.

Ah, I understand. Thanks a lot Sunjay. ^^

Yeah, sorry, I the map material uses nodes, will try to fix it up.

Okay, I couldnt get it work right under multitexture, but I have a semi-working version.

It have 2 scenes, one with the map, other with “reality”, the map one (called overlay) have an orthograpic camera parented to the object.

Reality have a normal camera, with a circle parented to it, the circle have the render to texture plugin. The circla and the player are linked to both scenes.

So, the idea is to set the map scene as a background scene, that way the texture is updated, so you see the map in the circle, but you don’t see the actual map mesh, because is hidden behind the “reality scene”.

But the circle only works, when you set the map scene as an overlay scene. Here is a blend, I don’t know how to fix it


example 2.blend (411 KB)

wow, this is really great man, Thanks a lot and sry for the late reply! :stuck_out_tongue:

But uhm, yea the rendering takes 2e the fps?


Oh, yea I see what you mean. If anyone know how to fix it, thanks a lot. But this is a really great start. ^^