window re-size duplicates that window?

Hi, I’m not sure if this has been covered or if it is just me misusing the software, but it seems to be the case that whenever I try to re-size a window, a duplicate of that window is created. It happens immediately upon clicking the triangle in the corner of a window to begin resizing. I just downloaded Blender, so I have version 2.69. If this is working as designed, perhaps someone could explain how I would use this feature?

Also, I’m having a bit of trouble with video lag. I added a movie. The audio track plays at normal speed, but the video track lags through and then starts twitching, jumps ahead etc., but it’s strange because it kind of does the same thing every time (as opposed to random lagging/twitching).


You do not resize a window by dragging on the corner triangle, that splits the window. Drag on a window border to resize.
Read the manual entry for Arranging Frames

If your movie playback is laggy try changing some of the playback or Sync options from the timeline header

Thank you for the quick reply.

More importantly, I like your avatar and can’t wait for tomorrow :]