Window sill and Paper Cubes

After watching Blender Guru’s video on photorealism i tried my hand at it, let me know your thought and what i could improve for next time! :slight_smile:

  • Andrew


More samples is obvious suggestion I guess and another obvious suggestion would be to put something behind the window instead of the black hole of pro-lighting: skies… :slight_smile: The window is a little too filthy for me, but thats a matter of preference of course. Other than that it looks quite real. The window sill looks very good!

Since the view out of window is blurred, I would think the paper is in focus, but the paper also seems a little blur, what you think?

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure to add something in the background and i do agree, looking at it now, the window is a little dirty.

Share if you re-render, I like the calm atmospere of the image. :slight_smile:

update!! used 7000 instead of 1000 samples this time, took 15 hours to render but well worth the wait :smiley:


Very very nice. And very subtle and skilful in terms of materials (the wall, the sill, the paper), colouring and camera setup (composition, depth of field, chromatic aberration). Great work!

Really simple and pleasant. Awesome original work!

Wow! I’m quite impressed by the photorealistic look, I must say. But not only because of that, but the nice and good tasted composition and lighting. And the textures and shades look superb, for me. The translucency of the paper looks so fine, the sunlight so realistic, the dirty glass so homey,… BTW, is the texture on the wall a procedural one? Maybe a photograph?

Congratulations! For me, simplicity is Beauty, and you made an artistic composition.

very nice still!

This is such a wonderful composition and lighting. Very inspiring!