Window to the Soul

After seeing everything else in this subforum. I feel this might be out of place. It’s simply an eye that I had from a previous project that I added a flame to.


That is strangely awesome… I like it. :smiley:

all I can say about this is that the textures/materials are holding this one back.

Well, this is actually the first time I’ve actually ever textured something. Everything was made from scratch. No Iris photos were used.

There are a few things I want to change.

Mainly, I want to add more red to the flame.
The eye is a cycles scene composited into a BI scene. I use an alpha over node, but it seems to diminish the flame. I need to try to fix this.
Make the reflection harder.
I also want to add a mask to edit out the rogue flames protruding out the left of the eye.

I also can’t get the flame to be apparent on the red part of the eye.